Abigail Lawrence
Best selling author of Invisible Tears

She has overcome neglect and deprivation, abandonment and abuse in all forms including child trafficking and paedofiles. A survivor, Abigail Lawrence is 43 years old and a pseudonym, Invisible Tears is her first book. Written to bring to public attention the horrors that some children go through and live to tell the tale. After raising her own children she decided to foster children in care.

Child neglect and abuse still continues to happen today and people still look away. She wrote this book hoping it would help someone, anyone, to find the courage to not look away but also help someone else to be a survivor too.
Happily married with 2 grown up children and a grandson. She attempts to paint for fun and loves to write when she is not playing with her horses or chasing kids around.

Her career used to be in Behaviour Modification and Learning Disabilities, but now she is now at home full time as she fosters difficult children in care.

She, and her husband use a very positive approach to parenting, along-side strict boundaries, Abigail has had great success in turning around a lot of behaviours and giving children a chance of a stable family life.
She is more than happy to answer questions or if you are having problems with your children she would love to be able to try and help.

Abigail Lawrence is a pseudonym

Her first book Invisible Tears is graphic, be prepared to be shocked. The human race can be so sick and cruel. This is based on a true story.