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Cupboard Love

This book is based on the true story of Dione’s struggle to survive the grim abuse she suffered at the hands of the people she should have been able to trust..

With no mother  there to protect her, five-year-old Dione finds herself at the mercy of her abusive father. Locked away in a room no bigger than a cupboard, she never sees the outside world--unless her father wants to use her. This is the only life Dione knows, until one day she finds out she has brothers and sisters who have secret plans to rescue her.

The children run away and live on the streets, until Dione’s father finds them, returning them to a life of unimaginable physical, sexual and psychological abuse.
But Dione and her siblings have tasted freedom as street urchins and run away continuously until someone reports them to the authorities and the children are thrown at the mercy of the courts, they are found and finally taken in to care.
Dione lives in various foster homes and tragically continues to suffer. Her life seems hopeless until she's given a last chance with foster parents, Abbie and Lawrie. Abbie and Lawrie provide her with love, boundaries and stability, the kind of home Dione has never experienced. Her barriers finally begin to crumble and she learns to trust again.

But then, just as she's begun to trust people, she discovers a dark secret about her family that sends her to the brink of insanity.